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Summary of the racing from Saturday 27 January :

Endurance 2H30 4 sprints.

Endurance Winter Challenge :

Out of the 15 teams entered, 13 were present for a morning foggy and cool. We also found a few toes of drivers who want to be present for pick-up. As usual on the tray was noted with 50% of teams very finely honed and competing for the points race SWS in early 2018. The team the more homogeneous, Modave MRK Sport (Ludo Bayeux and Alexandre Bérard) won the race with a 33 seconds lead on the Team SKL (Tyler Ubermuhlin, Olivier Lelievre) and 45 seconds on the Picards (yes, those who make the karting... Victor Thomas, Jimmy Rollet). Kart and Diem represented with 2 teams finished P4 and P6. It will also be noted few teams Manceaux came into force (Macadam racing 1-2-3) ... a little less experienced ... and left too soon without their trophies Gentlemen.

Congratulations to all drivers, since no penalty was to lament on the race, and thanks also to have participated in the unclamping of the engines are new just mounted on go-karts in the previous week.
Sprint : Is it still necessary to specify that Tyler Ubermuhlin is in shape ... and most of all to be feared on the track West Karting ? After you have done the pole in the endurance last, the claimed 3 victories over the 4 sprints in the afternoon, and bring down the track record in 2018.

We wish him the same success as the representative of the circuit at the world finals SWS.

The podium is full on sprints with Victor Thomas (P2, P3, P2, P3) and Jean-Marc Polito (P1, P2,P2) . In the second line, the regulars (Gérald Germain, Nico De Sousa) have had to struggle to master some of the young drivers outside who came to discover the circuit. We note the performance of a newcomer who takes the P3 on the sprint 3, Etienne Chalard.

We would like to thank all the drivers for the excellent spirit that reigned on the race.

Next endurance race SWS (2: 30 on the morning of Saturday 10 February (170€ per team) with to complete 4 sprints in the afternoon (125€) ... or€ 100 for the drivers in the endurance.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any request of information : ouest.karting@orange.frWinter Challenge Circuit Essay 28-01-2018

Winter Challenge Circuit Essay 28-01-2018